UAB Bearingas company provides high-quality B-RING brand components taking into account the needs and wishes of a wide range of clients. The purpose of the warranty is to ensure customer satisfaction with the offered products and quality service. B-RING products have the following warranty periods. • PRAKTISK product line. Warranty 20,000 km or 6 months of operation • FÖRST product line. Warranty 30,000 km or 1 year of operation • HÄRDIG product line. Warranty 50,000 km or 2 years of operation

The procedure for the customer to take in case of any questions about the quality of B-RING products:

  • The buyer should send a request to eliminate deficiencies directly to the seller who sold the goods or to the UAB Bearingas to the email address

  • When submitting a claim, it is necessary to attach a description in a free form containing information about the brand, model, and modification of the car, the mileage covered with this part, and a detailed description of the issue, if possible with photos of the discussed part.

The current warranty policy establishes the following rules: Parts replaced under warranty can subsequently be claimed by UAB Bearingas for verification of the justification for the replacement, as well as for conducting various tests and researches. In case of non-confirmation of the defect claimed by the client, the costs of unjustified replacement of the part are not subject to payment by UAB Bearingas. The installation of B-RING products on a vehicle should be carried out by competent technical personnel, with the conduct of the appropriate diagnostics and using proper tools and repair technology. If these conditions were not met, UAB Bearingas reserves the right to refuse compensation. Compensation for the temporary costs of enterprise personnel for diagnostics (for example, a test drive with a master-receiver) is not carried out by UAB Bearingas under the warranty.

The warranty does not cover damages incurred during transportation and interim storage of products in the warehouses of product sellers and their branches, as well as damages caused by non-compliance with the requirements for the quality of transportation and storage of new products.


Warranty Exceptions

Missed profit/revenue and other indirect losses (losses from the inability to use the equipment, loss of time, inconvenience, and subsequent financial losses associated with the occurrence of a warranty case) cannot be compensated under the warranty. The warranty obligations do not cover natural wear and tear and damages arising as a result of overloads, improper maintenance, or making unacceptable changes to the design.

Warranty obligations for the part are absent if the malfunction or damage occurred as a result of the following: The product was subjected to unqualified repair, technical maintenance, or incorrect care. Parts not approved by the car manufacturer were installed on the car, or the product was modified in a manner not approved by the car manufacturer (tuning). The buyer did not follow the instructions for the operation, maintenance, and care of the product as outlined in the instruction manual, service book, or other regulatory documents for the vehicle. The buyer used fuel-lubricant materials and operational fluids that do not match the specifications stated in the car's operation manual. The method of part installation does not comply with the car manufacturer's instructions or the part's manual. The malfunction occurred due to natural wear and tear, mechanical impact, or an accident. In particular, the warranty does not cover consumables and lubricants, other elements subject to wear, or The vehicle was used for competitions or races, and there are damages related to individual driving features and techniques.

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