About B-RING

The foundation of the company is the Swedish ideology LAGOM ÄR BÄST! It means "just right": resources, cost and guarantees. That's why we deliver products to the market with different resources and levels of warranty.

No compromises on quality

B-RING is a brand of Swedish ideology that specializes in the development and production of all types of bearings and CV joints for passenger cars, as well as minibuses. All B-RING products are manufactured at factories certified to international quality standards ISO 9001, IATF 16949, and ISO 14001. Our factories use the most advanced technologies in metalworking and production of bearings and rollers for passenger and commercial vehicles of all brands and models.

We guarantee that all our products are developed in compliance with strict technical regulations and requirements of original components of a specific car model. We also pay attention to environmental safety of production by using safe materials and technologies where possible, as well as reducing waste and energy consumption on production lines.

All B-RING products are presented in the TecDoc catalog with a Premier Data Supplier quality stamp.

4 product lines

for different segments

7 years

on automarket

3000 +

points of sale and garages

1300 +

number of products in the assortment

About B-RING

B-Ring is a professional manufacturer of automotive parts.   

Our engineers are constantly developing and using the latest equipment and technologies to produce bearings and CV joints. In the production process, we use only high-quality materials and advanced equipment, such as multi-level heat treatment lines, computer-controlled grinding, and grinding machines. In addition, our products are tested in independent technical laboratories in Europe and Asia to ensure the highest quality. Our products undergo rigorous quality control at all stages of production, from raw material selection to packaging.

B-RING - manufacturer of auto parts


We prepare for production with special care. For each product, we develop a technical assignment that takes into account all the nuances - from the standards of the original product to the operating conditions in the region where our spare parts are sold.


We control every stage of production, from setting technical parameters to checking finished products at the factories. We use the most modern technologies, which guarantees high quality and reliability of our products.


B-RING products undergo multi-level heat treatment. After that, we conduct comprehensive testing, measure and control parameters before assembly. This allows us to calculate the required resource and guarantee the durability of each product.


Each product undergoes testing on semi-automatic and automated assembly lines. We control all stages of assembly to guarantee the reliability and safety of our products.


We protect our products from counterfeits using the Unicode system. Each product receives a unique code, which allows our customers to be sure of the authenticity of the purchased product. We also control sales points and repair shops to avoid the sale of counterfeit parts. We provide direct support to service stations and offer qualified technical support to all our customers.

Head Office

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Company: B-RING Auto Aktiebolag
Location: Sweden, Västra Götaland, 20 Brahegatan, Gothenburg
Phone: +46317539799
E-mail: info@b-ring.se

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